YouTube Is a Job Now

I always wondered how people turned making YouTube videos into a career. I’m not a crazed fan, but I am subscribed to a few YouTube “gurus”. I mostly watch videos about beauty and fashion.

I look at their videos and wonder how they can afford all of their expensive beauty products and fancy equipment. These vloggers never really mention having a real job. These people are around the same age as me but their living a lifestyle that is much more lavish than mine. They are full time vloggers.

I always knew that vloggers who were very popular got paid by advertisers. But I didn’t know that YouTube put on workshops that basically teaches them how to vlog professionally.

It seems like these vloggers magically gain a large amount of followers overnight. I now understand that it’s because these people are given the platform and necessary tools to be professionals.

As audience members we are more likely to trust the opinion of someone who appears to be an expert in their field. This is what I do when I watch my favorite vloggers on YouTube. I watch their hair tutorials because their hair always looks glamorous.

They clearly know what they’re doing if their hairstyles come out perfectly every time. I would prefer their videos over someone who appeared to be more of an amateur. Then as audience members, we begin to trust their opinions in other aspects of life.

Most vloggers who become really popular eventually end up making videos that aren’t related to what their videos were originally about. Because the beauty vloggers are always dressed in cute clothes in their hair tutorials, I watch their fashion videos. Because their skin always looks flawless in their make-up tutorials, I watch their skincare videos.

What makes these people qualified to give advice about all these different topics?  Nothing other than the fact that they have the professional look. I am also more likely to trust their opinions in other areas because I already associate with their other videos.

The workshops that are provided by YouTube give these vloggers the professional look that attracts more viewers.

I almost feel like a pawn in the broadcasting system’s master game of chess. Like I am just another mindless viewer. Unfortunately I cannot help being a mindless viewer. When I don’t know what to do with my hair, I know I can just get on YouTube and look up an easy tutorial.

If I don’t know what to wear, I can search lookbooks up on YouTube to give me ideas. The  When YouTube Discovered Craft article says that YouTube has now become an “everyday media experience.”

This is definitely true in my life and I’m sure this is true for many other people as well. It is almost inevitable. I don’t think this is a bad thing. Everyday people get to earn a piece of the good ole’ American pie.

Besides I think that there will always be a market for actual professionals. Companies are going to need people who are formally educated and prepared. A college educated journalist and a YouTube vlogger are simple two different kinds of professionals. I think there is room in the media for both of them.


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