Why I’m Still Single



Three of my cousins, who are all around my age, just got engaged. One one of my cousins, who just graduated from Georgia State, just got married. Another one of my cousins is getting married next year. One of my aunts just got married. Another one of my aunts is getting ready to have a baby. Whew!

Love was definitely in the air this year, not for me though. Going to family functions and having to answer the same questions about my love life is so agonizing. It seems that the only things my family ever asks me about is school and dating.

“So, how’s school going?” “When are you graduating?” “Do you have a boyfriend?” “All those people at Georgia State and you can’t find anybody” “Jonathon found somebody, why can’t you?” “What are you looking for?”

I get so tired of hearing and answering these questions. One of my family members even asked me if I was a lesbian. The guaranteed embarrassment does a great job of keeping me away from family functions. I don’t plan on seeing my whole family until I graduate college.

So, why am I single? I’m young, pretty, funny, intelligent, and have a good head on my shoulders. People actually tell me this. I’m not just tooting my own horn….

Maybe a little bit.

Firstly, I am single by choice. I have never been the type of girl who threw herself at anyone who was interested in me. I am firm believer that women don’t have to be interested in everyone who is interested in them.

I hate when people say “So, you would miss out on a great guy because…. blah blah?”Yes. Yes, I would. If someone was so great for me they would have a majority of the qualities I am looking for. Why should I have to lower my standards to appease other people?

I know that  nobody is perfect and I am not looking for perfection. I want to be in a relationship with someone who actually has feelings for me. Is that so bad?

I don’t believe in casual dating and I definitely don’t believe in giving away my body. I don’t see the point in “talking” and having sex with someone just because I’m bored or lonely. I don’t like playing with someone’s emotions. I don’t want anyone to do that to me.

A lot of people rush into things and the outcome is often horrible. I have seen it with my own eyes. Plenty of my female friends have cried on my shoulders because so and so lied or cheated. I have seen my mother get hurt a thousand times.

Why put yourself through all of this emotional trauma for a quick fix? I believe that all of this can be avoided by waiting around for the right person. No matter how long that may take.

I know that this is very anti 2016. Everyone is sliding in DM’s these days. I want to have an instant connection with my Mr. Right face to face and I’m going to wait until I get it.


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