5 Reasons PCB Is Overrated

I believed all the hype I had heard about Panama City Beach. People told me so many stories about how wild and crazy things got in PCB during spring break. I went down there expecting the the time of my life and I was thoroughly disappointed. Here the reasons why I think PCB is overrated:

  1. Typical parties- There was absolutely nothing special about the parties that took place while I was in PCB. Seeing girls twerking and taking off their clothes, getting drunk, and people fighting are common occurrences at college parties in Atlanta.
  2. Everyone goes- You literally see the same people you see on campus every day. The only difference is, you’re on the beach. I saw the same people I always see at Georgia State and it took away feeling of escape associated with being on vacation.
  3. People aren’t that friendly- I was under the assumption that I was going to make a lot of new friends. Wrong! Everyone stayed in their little cliques for the most part. Guys only talked to you if you were giving up the goods and all the girls were taking pictures.
  4. There’s nothing to do- I was glad I only stayed for a few days. It got pretty boring after the 2nd day. You wake up, walk the strip, go to the beach, go to your room and change, go to the club, and repeat. People were hanging out at Walmart for fun.
  5. Police- The police clearly don’t approve of the spring break festivities. They always seemed to be around, eager to ruin the fun. They have even banned alcohol.

Don’t waste your time going. There are much more fun places  you can go on spring break.


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