Summer’s Over Tour

For whatever reason, people always cancel on me when it’s time to go to a concert. We make the plan in advance. I remind the person I’m supposed to be going with about the show SEVERAL times. They say “Oh yeah! I’m going to get my ticket.” Then they cancel on me via text the day of.

My so called “best friend” never told me that she didn’t get her ticket to J Cole’s Forest Hills Drive tour. She even watched all of the snaps I posted while I was at the concert. Even after all this, she still never physically told me why she didn’t buy her ticket or apologize for leaving me hanging.

People have a habit of doing things they wouldn’t want to be done to them. That is a story for another time.

No one really wants to go to a concert alone. It doesn’t seem like that much fun. You don’t have anyone to talk to or take pictures with. The people around are probably staring wondering why you’re by yourself.

A few weeks ago, I was that person. I ended up going to the Forest Hills Drive tour by myself so I was much more confident about going alone. The Summer’s Over tour was at a much smaller venue and that boosted my confidence even more.

Why did I go alone? I love concerts. I love music and being able to see some of my favorite artists live is a great feeling for me. I am an Aquarius and we are known for not being very open about our emotions. Listening to music helps me get in touch with how I am feeling.

I must admit it was a little awkward. There was A LOT of people who came to see Partynextdoor and Jeremih. The line was wrapped around the Tabernacle before the doors opened. I could feel people staring at me and being anywhere by yourself makes you feel pretty hopeless.

Thankfully, every one was there was around my age and after a little liquid courage I didn’t mind being by myself.

The show was great. I knew all of the songs and I sang along to every one. I’m glad the bass from the speakers and people screaming drowned out the song of my off-key singing. I could have done without people who were trying to get to the very front elbowing me in the ribs.

Overall, I had a great time. Going to a concert alone isn’t as bad as you think. If you’re thinking about going to a concert alone, don’t think about it. Just go . You will have a great time.


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