My Visit to Georgia Public Broadcasting

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Recently, I visited Georgia Public Broadcasting and I was thoroughly impressed  by its facility. If you are interested in a career in broadcast media, I highly recommend visiting GPB.

I had never been there before the tour and I didn’t know so many television shows I watched were shot there. Atlanta is becoming the new Hollywood and GPB is contributing to that change.

The facility is very aesthetically pleasing. The atrium on the ground floor is full of interesting color schemes and modern decor. There are several television screens incorporated into the interior design which showcase the programs that are made there.

The space is so beautiful that it is also used as a reception hall when large-scale events are taking place there. I’m sure no one would mind waiting in GPB’s attractive lobby.

Rosser was our tour guide and he was simply amazing. It is clear that the staff is a very knowledgeable and passionate group. Everyone who we met on the tour was friendly and more than willing to answer questions.

Studio C was the first studio we saw on the tour and it is the largest one in the facility. The rental price for this studio is $5,000 per day. Unlike many other studios, GPB includes everything in their rental rates. The studios are all equipped with top of the line cameras and lighting.

It was very interesting to see that everything on television starts out as a “black box.” When I am watching television I assume that the set is real, but a great deal of shows are shot in a studio.

We actually got a see a set that started out as a “black box” and ended up being a science lab. The science lab was the set of “Chemistry Matters”, a science program that is shown to high school students.

During the tour, MiMi Ricks stopped by to inform us that GPB was looking for interns. She also gave all of the students business cards. This made me feel like I am not wasting my time in college.

A lot of people told me that there wasn’t any money in the field of journalism and that I wasn’t going to be able to get a job. Those people don’t know what they’re talking about.

There are so many people that play a part in the creation of broadcast media. Visiting GPB gave me a visual representation of all of the opportunities that are available in the field of journalism.



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