Why I Love Tumblr


I absolutely love Tumblr! It is the only social media platform that I became obsessed with after I made my account. The creative aspect of Tumblr completely sucks you in. Well, at least it did for me.

Tumblr is a cross between a social network and a micro blogging platform. I like to think of Tumblr as a community. The site is filled with people who aren’t really interested in things that are mainstream.

Tumblr is very easy to use. Pretty much everything can be accessed from your dashboard. It is also very easy to customize your profile on Tumblr. I used to spend hours changing my layouts. There are tons of free themes that you can apply to your profile. WordPress needs a little help in the free theme department (no shade).

You can even have a music playlist on your profile. I think that music is a great way to add a personal touch to your profile. Your taste in music says a lot about you. Customizing my profile and adding music reminded me of my Myspace days.

unnamed.pngI like how the site does not lean towards a specific type of post. Instagram is primarily for pictures and videos. Twitter is better for concise text posts (although you can also post photos and videos). Unlike these social media platforms, Tumblr refrains from putting its users in a box.

You can post text, photos, gifs, quotes, links, chats, audio, and video on Tumblr. Users can also reply to questions from other users. Questions can be answered publicly or privately. The question feature creates a personal connection between users. If somebody wants to know something specific about you, they can simply ask.

Unfortunately, porn can’t be avoided anywhere on the Internet and Tumblr is no different. I don’t recommend using Tumblr at work or around young children because your dashboard can go from something innocent to porn fairly quickly.

My favorite thing about Tumblr is that it is primarily used by a younger audience. It’s refreshing to not have to avoid certain posts because your family members follow you. I stopped using Facebook because my timeline was filled with family members. I love my family, but the generational gap makes it hard for them to understand and relate to my posts.

I also enjoy not having creepy old men lurking interacting with my profile. People that are older don’t “get” Tumblr and that’s fine with me.


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