How you can use Pinterest


I love using Pinterest, but I never really knew what the purpose of the app was. I mostly used the website to help me figure out what I wanted to wear the next day. However, there are a variety of ways that you can use Pinterest.

Pinterest is an online social bookmarking site that focuses on the visual aspect of the content. The site has a very minimalistic layout that emphasizes the images. This social media platform is primarily an online pinboard. Pinterest is very different from other social bookmarking sites. You can not share something on Pinterest without having an image included in the post. Signing up for an account is fairly simple. You only need to provide your email address and other basic information.


Pinterest has it’s own language and it is important to know how to speak it before you jump into using the site. Each bookmark that you share on Pinterest is called a pin. Each pin links back to the site that it came from. When you share a pin that someone else already posted, it is called a repinBoards are a collection of pins that are related by topic. Boards can be made for anything and you can use them to save your favorite posts.

Now that you know how to speak Pinterest’s language, you can make the most of the app. Users are able to share images that they found online or upload their own images. You can also share your pins on Facebook and Twitter. These are the basic functions of the app.

Pinterest has a lot of different types of users, and knowing the basics allows you to use the site effectively.  Journalists create boards that show feature stories they have published about the topics. It can also be used to extend the work of a journalist. It is easy for work to get lost, but Pinterest can act as an archive. Bruce Tomaso showcased related photos of a hail storm to regain the attention of his following.

Pinterest can also be used as a marketing technique, but you have to do it the right way.

Here are some tips that can help you achieve a successful marketing campaign on Pinterest:

  1. Avoid constant self-promotion – There is nothing wrong with being proud of your work and showcasing it, but don’t overdo it. In general, you should only post pins that are self-promotional 20 percent of the time.
  2. Follow people back- You should follow everyone back if you want to build a following on Pinterest.
  3. Interact with others- You can’t wait around for people to interact with your page. Repin, comment, and like other people’s post.
  4. Be careful- Do not post images you don’t own. Don’t post a pin directly from the homepage of a blog.
  5. Have fun!- If you post things you are interested in, you will get a better response.

It also important to know the demographic break down of Pinterest so you know who you are connecting with. Sixty percent of users are located in the United States and 83 percent are women. Users usually stay on Pinterest for about 15 minutes. Keep these things in mind when you are making your posts.

Now you know what Pinterest is, how to use it, and who’s using it. Get out there and make the most of this growing social media platform.


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