We Should All Be LinkedIn


Linkedin is a social media platform that is specifically for professionals. The site allows its users to advance their career by doing things like contacting colleagues, discovering new business opportunities, networking, and finding a job.

Linkedin was created in 2003 by employees from Paylpal and Social Net. Users between the ages of 18-19 only make up 15% of the site’s traffic. This is interesting because this is the age group that is going to make up the work force. I would expect more young professionals to be on the website.

I think that a lot of young people have a hard time seperating our professional and personal social media accounts. I have a Linkedin account but I don’t use it very much. As my college career comes to a close, I am realizing the importance of branding yourself. Using Linkedin could help me maximize my professional presence.

Showcasing your work on Linkedin is a great way to show potential employers what you are capable of. It will also help you to build new connections. Someone who comes across your page could end up being your next boss.


Professionals like students, entrepreneurs, and CEO’s find Linkedin useful. However, creative people from all different industries have profiles on Linkedin. But simply having a Linkedin profile is not enough. It is important to make sure that you are using your profile efficiently.

There a lot of steps you can take to ensure that your Linkedin profile will be successful. You should use an open profile. This significantly increases your profile viewership. Sending messages to people you are not connected to also helps you connect with more people.

Checking who viewed your profile regularly lets you stay on top of who is interacting with your profile. Sharing your Linkedin posts to Twitter could bring even more people your profile.

It is important to remember to be identifiable on your profile. You want your viewers to have pretty good idea about who you are. Linkedin is changing the workforce by making it easier to establish business connections. These connections are very valuable and can lead to several other opportunities.

I did not realize how useful Linkedin actually is. This website could help me secure a job after I graduate from college. Your online presence is beginning to have a major impact on your career. Many people have lost their jobs due to unprofessional use of their social media accounts.

Linkedin allows users to communicate simply and professionally. In 2016 we should all be linked in. The site is currently the world’s largest professional network.


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