The Audience Is More Important Than Ever


While I was reading this chapter I realized that I was already familiar with most of these concepts. I just wasn’t aware of the correct technological terms used to describe these concepts. In my media industries class we talked about whether or not the scheduling of television programs still mattered.

I do not think the scheduling of the programs is important to the viewers anymore. There are several different platforms that allow us to watch television programs when it is convenient for us. But I do think that the scheduling of television programs was important to the producers of the programs. In my response paper I talked about how viewers discussed their opinions on  social media during a show and how this allowed the producers to receive feedback in real time.

This concept is related to why crowdsourcing is important to journalism. The audience is more knowledgeable about the shows because they watch them and interpret them differently than the people that make those shows. Their input should be taken into consideration as well.

This is why crowdsourcing benefits both the audience and journalists. The audience gets to have an effect on the content they watch. I spoke specifically about Twitter in my response, because in my opinion that is the best social media app to use to have conversations about things. Comments on Twitter are an example of how news has become a conversation.

These are all things that were covered in chapter 3 of the text. I like how I can always find ways to relate what I experience in my everyday life to the readings. I would also complain about learning things I didn’t think were relevant to my life in grade school.

As usual I was also introduced to concepts I was not familiar with in the reading as well. I did not know that pro-am journalism was a thing in the journalism field. I knew that in today’s society anyone can be a journalist. But I didn’t know that these people could actually get their content published directly to a professional platform.

I was not aware that CNN created iReport back in 2006. Pro-am journalism allows the greatest amount of audience participation. It also expands the content that is classified as news. There are a lot of different things that are happening every day and what appears on the news should reflect that. Pro-am journalism is a step in that direction. It keeps the people that create the news from being the only voice that is heard.

Neighborsgo is another great tool that allows the community to act as reporters. I had never heard of neighborsgo either. This part of The Dallas Morning News allows the newspaper to interact daily with readers. These concepts are fairly new to journalism. They are also making to tougher to be a professional. We have to be able to do more.

The Phil Meyer quote in the beginning of the chapter is very true. It explains exactly why I wanted my concentration to be multimedia reporting. I know I am going to have to be proficient in everything if I want to be a successful, professional journalist.


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