How we practice Journalism in everyday life

I found chapter two in the book very insightful as well. Ever since I have become a mood-writingjournalism major I have been hearing that I need to start a blog. I never know how important blogging was to journalism in today’s society until I read this chapter.

I use Twitter and Tumblr just about every day and I had no idea that they were both forms of microblogging.  I didn’t realize that I had already started doing what I would be doing in my career. I think that now I should take these social media platforms seriously, because they are in the forefront of modern day journalism.

Twitter is my favorite social media account and I never really understood why. It seems obnoxious to post throughout an entire experience. This chapter made me realize that the exact opposite is true. Being able to give live updates to your readers makes essential information more accessible than ever.

I was not aware of how much blogging changed journalism. I can see why it has. Blogging allows the author to develop a more personal relationship with the readers. Microblogging allows the author to do this at an even faster rate. This is important because I always felt that the audience should be able to participate in news. Blogging and microblogging allow that the happen. One of the reasons I have been procrastinating creating my own personal blog is because I felt like there’s so many other blogs that exist already. What I would I talk about? What would make my blog special? I now know that my personal perspective on topics that I’m interested in will make my blog appealing to readers. I would be able to engage with my readers in a passionate way.

I like how the chapter started with why blogging is so important and ending with how to create a gain a following for your blog. I found it quite motivating to know that being a journalist is so within my reach. It is so simple to practice being a journalist in your daily life and this chapter but that in perspective for me.

However, it also makes be a little worried. If anyone can be a journalist, than who is really one? Having studied and practiced journalism for years will provide me the knowledge to me a successful journalist. This chapter definitely motivated to make a blog. I like being a part of the way communication between journalists and audiences has changed and will continue to change.


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