How we are changing the Web

obcs-webdesignReading the first chapter of the book was actually not as much of a drag as I thought it would be. It was interesting to see how the information I already knew from high school and before is related to what I am learning now. I was already familiar with some of the web-design basics mentioned in the text.

Back in the day when Myspace was popular, I used HTML and CSS codes to design my personal page. I also used these codes when I took a technology class in high school. It feels good to know that what I’m learning will be relevant in my career and everyday life.

I was also introduced to things I didn’t know that I think will be useful in the reading. I was actually embarrassed that I didn’t know how to clear my browser’s cache. I wasn’t even sure what the cache was for. I am always wondering how I can keep my laptop running at a high speed. Now I know a little trick to help me do that.

RSS was also a new concept to me. I had heard of it but I never really knew what it was. I can use RSS to search for specific information. I learned a lot about FTP as well. I definitely send a lot of data through email. I never even thought about how the size of the files I sent affected how the emails sent. Knowing this information will help me increase my efficiency.

My favorite thing about the book was the way Briggs approached the information in the text. The book feels more like a manual rather than a history book. However, I did feel like it was a bit redundant at times. I also felt that I didn’t need to read the explicit instructions for some of the concepts while doing the reading for this response.

However, I do see myself grabbing this book as a reference when I may be in the middle of something. This book reminded me a little of the AP Style Book. Based on the title I assumed this book would be boring and I was pleased to see that it was not.


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